There are many factors which alter the condition of our roofs, from the age and quality of the materials used to the impact of climate change on roofing. Loose roof tiles are something which can affect pitched roofs, so it’s an issue which shouldn’t go unresolved. Here are some expert tips to maintaining your roof tiles.

How Do Tiles Stay on a Pitched Roof?

Tiles or slates are used to cover pitched roofing structures towards the end of the build. Tiles are secured in place via one of several means, including clipping to the roof battens, which are the long fixing points applied across the area. Large tiles can also be used which interlock together, but there are plenty of plain tiles available too. The base row of tiles is additionally supported by fascias and soffits along the roofline. When applying the tiling, an expert roofer will understand the influencing factors which are going to affect the durability of the tiles, from the pitch of the roof to the fixings used.

Pitched roofing guides - what causes loose roof tiles? | Top roof repairsCauses of Loose Roof Tiles

One of the main causes of loose roof tiles is harsh weather conditions, especially in the case of strong winds, where debris can cause initial damage. If you then experience heavy rainfall, followed by falling temperatures, water which has worked its way into cracks could expand as ice forms. You should also keep an eye on any algae or moss growing on your roof. Many people ignore it, but as it spreads, it can dislodge tiles.

Tiles which have been properly installed shouldn’t fall off easily, so if your roof is still within its warranty, contact the relevant company, whether that’s your roofer, house builder or manufacturer.

Dangers of Loose Tiles on Your Roofing

Loose tiles can cause several problems. One of the most obvious is that if any slates come away totally, this could become hazardous to anyone around the outside of your property or hit structures below. However, if tiles are loose rather than missing, one of the most significant issues is cracks and gaps forming. This can cause moisture and water to get inside your property and cause damage, increasing the chances of leaks, mould, rotting wood and damp.

Gaps can also expose lower roofing layers to more elements than they’re used to such as harmful UV rays, causing deterioration. There’s also an increased chance of animals and birds getting inside your property.

Signs of Loose or Missing Tiles

Roofs are a part of a property that homeowners often neglect, but it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening. Signs of loose tiles include visible gaps or damage, as well as internal issues within your loft or attic space such as damp or discolouration caused by water. Many people save time and money by requesting roofing inspections once or twice a year. Any issues can be caught early and repaired before they cause further damage.

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