Garages have long been a popular, desirable addition to any property, adding value and extra storage space. With increasing numbers of people choosing to use a garage for purposes other than storage, such as offices, home gyms, and even converting them into extra bedrooms, it’s important that they both perform their function well and look the part from the exterior, too.

Options for a new flat roof

When to replace a garage roof

Aesthetics aside, some scenarios will warrant a garage roof replacement in order to protect your property from damp, rot, mildew, and potentially even water damage. Signs to look out for include:

  • Water damage: Your garage roof may already have fallen victim to water damage. If you notice any damp patches or watermarks on the ceiling or interior or exterior walls, it’s important to investigate the source as soon as possible and contact your local roofing expert.
  • Mould and moss growth: Mould and moss growing on your roof tiles could be forcing them apart and creating a gap that lets in water. If you notice any moss or debris falling from your roof, it’s well worth getting up there to find out what’s going on – just be careful!
  • Spots of daylight: Seeing daylight through your roof is never a good sign. These cracks or holes will allow both water and pests to get inside, meaning you could end up with a costly job on your hands if you don’t act quickly.
  • Other things to look out for: Other signs that could indicate the need for a roof replacement include falling mortar, sagging, debris, and clogged guttering.

Garage roofing materials

There is a wide range of garage roofing materials available which will allow you to match it perfectly to the style and scheme of your house.

Garage roof sheets

Roofing sheets are typically simple, cost-effective, and resilient, providing real value for money. On the aesthetics side, however, you might be looking for something with more kerb appeal.

Garage roof shingles

Roof tiles and shingles are an effective and attractive way to finish off your garage, particularly if you’re looking to match it with your house roof.

Liquid garage roof solutions

For flat-roofed garages, liquid roof solutions are ideal in terms of durability and weatherproofing. Fibreglass roofing is also another good option to consider.

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