Your roof is arguably the most important structure of your property, protecting it from the elements and providing insulating benefits. Removing debris from your roof as soon as possible is vital to maintain its condition, but what about when it comes to ice? Here is the impact ice can have on your roof and what can be done to prevent damage.


Because ice starts as water, it can easily form while present within any gaps or small spaces on your roof. As water freezes, it expands, so you can imagine how ice can suddenly widen any cracks present. The freeze and thaw cycle can be particularly damaging to roofs, allowing water to get into the internal structure. That’s why it’s essential to have your roof regularly inspected, as well as before and after severe weather. If gaps in your roofing can be dealt with at the earliest opportunity, including waterproofing solutions, this issue won’t occur.

Roof maintenance guides - how ice & snow can impact your roofingIce Dams

Ice dams can form at the edge of your roofing if snow and ice start to melt and then freeze again before they’ve fallen. This can cause damage to the structure of certain features, such as flashing and gutters. It can also make water pooling and leaks more likely. Call a professional if you think this has happened to the ice on your roof.

Safety of Flat Roofs

We all know how slippery ice can be, so it can become a hazard if your flat roof is one you can access on foot. Don’t walk across icy areas unless you really need to and lay grit when you know freezing conditions or snow are forecast. You should also be aware of what the extra weight can do to your flat roof in areas such as your garage or extension. Ensure you book regular inspections and maintenance to these areas so that water pooling isn’t an issue, which could turn to heavy ice.


Don’t forget about clearing your gutters. Debris such as leaves and dirt can easily clog up the pipes. This means if any water becomes trapped, ice could cause damage. Gutters aren’t made to support hefty loads within them, so it’s important to request gutter cleaning before lower temperatures hit your part of the UK.


High growing trees often need to be maintained to stop them getting too close to your property. However, the extra weight of snow and ice could cause branches to move closer towards your roof, which is a problem if they’re heavy or break. Always assess the environment around your property to see what could affect the integrity of your roof, giving you a chance to prevent issues happening.

How to Prevent Damage to Your Roof

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