While the thought of roofing work is often stressful for properties owners, if you work with an experienced company, they can help make things as hassle-free as possible. Whether you require small roof repairs or a full replacement, safety is paramount. Therefore, your roofer may need to erect scaffolding before the job can begin.

Here are some key things to know.

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Risk Assessing Your Roof

Before work begins, your roofing company will always assess the risks, especially when it involves working at height. If it’s a complex job which involves the entire roof, it’s more than likely scaffolding will be required in order for your roofer to complete the job safely, reducing the risks of falling.

When Is Scaffolding Required for Roofing?

Scaffolding is not only designed to keep workers safe but also those on the ground. Essentially, it provides a platform for roofers to work at the required height while offering additional protection around the edge of the area. This makes it safer when handling tools and materials, as well as providing the roofing with extra protection from the elements.

A professional company is bound by Health and Safety law, including The Work at Height Regulations 2005. These cover precautions needed for dangers such as working with equipment at height, falling objects, avoiding risk and fragile surfaces. Other preventative measures include the use of handrails and harnesses.

Safer Access

Scaffolding allows roofers to get better access to the aspects they have to repair without the need to enter your home. It makes things far less disruptive for occupiers of the building or those living in the property. This is also an important consideration when we think about how times have changed since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic started and the need to work safely at a distance, limiting unnecessary access inside a customer’s home.

What About Simple Roofing Work?

If it’s a quick and easy job that won’t require days of work, a well-secured ladder could be an option. This is often the case for more simple tasks such as gutter repairs. However, your roofers will need to assess the job before confirming what’s required. If the nature of the work means the safety of your roofer is something which is in question, scaffolding is always advised.

Will Scaffolding Cause a Delay?

Using a different scaffolding company can cause delays to work commencing, so always check with your roofer about how long this will take. Here at South Thames Roofing, we have a sister company who specialises in scaffolding. It means we’re not reliant on a third party company to provide these safety measures for our roofers. If your job requires scaffolding, our CISRS qualified professionals will install what’s needed, whether that’s a simple house front or sophisticated platforms, speeding up the process and keeping costs down.

If you need roofing work completed, don’t delay. At South Thames Roofing, we offer our services across South London and Surrey, including Balham, Carshalton and Colliers Wood. Contact our team for a free quote.