One of the key parts of keeping roof repair costs to a minimum is good roof maintenance. Whether it’s booking regular roof inspections or requesting emergency repairs after a huge storm or snowfall, keeping on top of roofing work is essential. It ensures your roof remains as weatherproof as possible and prevents issues becoming worse, all while prolonging your roof’s life for as long as possible. If you’re looking for roof maintenance tips, here are some of the best ones to follow.

Roof maintenance guides - our top tips for reducing roofing issuesPerform general property maintenance

While you may ensure your roof is in great condition, have you considered what else around your property could be causing issues? For example, perhaps you’re good at checking your internal roofing area for signs of moisture ingress, but your view is obstructed by boxes and other items in your attic space. You should also think about what could cause damage to the outside of your home such as tall trees close to your property which need cutting back. Remember to be extremely careful at Christmas when it comes to hanging anything from your roof, as it hasn’t been made to support heavy loads such as decorations and lights.

Look out for debris

As well as those lingering branches from tall vegetation, is debris affecting the health of your roof? Regular gutter cleaning is a must for any roof conscious homeowner, and look out for any airborne debris which has landed on your roof tiles or close to your chimney area.

Don’t ignore moss

It’s disheartening to see so many properties with moss growing across them, as this is a sure-fire way to leave your roof vulnerable to problems such as leaks, unstable tiles and pest infestations. As the moss spreads, it can grow in between tiles and slates, dislodging them or weakening existing cracks even further. Moss should be treated like other debris on your roof and be removed as soon as possible.

Book extra inspections before and after severe weather

While most people know annual roofing inspections are a sensible idea, it’s also important to check your roof both before and after severe weather, especially if your inspection is overdue. While it’s hard to predict some types of weather, if things like heavy snow or a high winds are forecast, you may want to have peace of mind that your roof is protected from the elements. Equally, you may also require professional roofing assistance after the event to check for damage or to help clear stubborn snow and ice from your flat roof, for example.

Book Your Roof Inspection Now

While there’s plenty you can do as a property owner to keep an eye out for potential roofing issues, DIY repairs and inspections are never advised. If you’d like an expert to take a look at your roofing, contact South Thames Roofing. We cover Surrey and South London areas, including Surbiton, Knightsbridge and Mitcham. Call 0208 397 2900 now to let us know what you need.