Have you ever been worried about an issue on your roof? Unfortunately, many property owners leave roof maintenance longer than they should, but you can keep costs to a minimum by ensuring you book regular inspections, just as you would for other parts of your home such as your boiler or alarms system. Roofing inspections are a great way to identify potential problems such as moss or missing tiles while also giving you peace of mind if you’ve had bad weather such as hailstones. Here what’s to expect from the process.

Importance of Roof Maintenance

While high quality roofing solutions should stand the test of time, all roofs will undergo deterioration. The purpose of a roof is to shield a property from the elements, so it goes without saying that it will take the brunt of harsh weather conditions. Because roofs are so high up, it’s difficult to spot signs of damage until they become bigger, so an expert eye is often required to catch issues early. Roof inspections ensure your roof remains as durable as possible, prolonging its life so that it can withstand everything that’s thrown at it. This service should be offered by reputable roofers within your local area, but always check they have the right accreditations first.

Best Time for Roof Inspections & Costs

Choosing the right time of year for a roofing inspection is always a tough choice. Most people tend to avoid the winter months because conditions aren’t great, but you may need an emergency inspection during this time if you notice issues such as leaks. Some people like to have one in the spring once winter is over to assess if their roof has sustained any damage. However, autumn is also a good time to make sure your roof is winter ready and check for leaves and debris which could be obstructing your gutters. Because ice expands in cracks, many like to check for issues which could become worse in freezing conditions. In terms of cost, many roofing contractors will take a look at your roof for free, offering you a no-obligation quote for any work which needs completing.

What Do Roofers Check?

Your roofer may check both the exterior and interior sides of your roofing, depending on your roof’s condition, any issues they’ve spotted and when you last had an inspection. From the outside, they’ll cast their eye over every feature from your fascias and soffits to your tiles, flashing, chimney stack and guttering. From the inside, they’ll look at your loft area and ventilation, looking for problems such as mould, rotting timbers and condensation or moisture ingress. Your roofer will then make some recommendations. This may just involve keeping an eye on a potential problem, giving you a general overview of the state of your roofing or suggesting repair work which needs to take place.

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