Here in the UK, we get a whole spectrum of weather, from heatwaves to snow, wind and rain. However, one of the more extreme elements which can really batter our roofs is hailstones. Here are some factors to consider about how hail could affect your roof.

Can hailstones cause damage to your roof? Discover expert advice for looking for signs of roof damage & asking for a professional roofing inspection. Choose durable, weather resistant roofing to last for years to come.How do Hailstones Damage Roofs?

Hailstones are formed when water droplets freeze together within thunderstorm clouds to form chunks of ice. Whereas frozen rain falls as a liquid and turns into solid ice on the ground, hailstones drop as solid. This is bad news for roof materials which protect your property from the elements, including parts of your roofline such as fascias and soffits, guttering and bargeboards. How the hailstones affect your roof can depend on a number of factors, including their size and shape, as well as wind speed and direction. If they hit the roof in the right way, they could make existing cracks worse, damage areas in poor condition and even displace shingle from a flat roof. The type of roof you have and its age often determines how well it can resist the impact of hailstones.

Spotting Signs of Damage on Your Roof

It’s important to keep on top of any roof repairs as a result of hail damage, so ask for regular roof inspections, including before and after any severe weather. All areas of your roof should be checked, from the tiles to the gutters, including all downpipes. Damaged areas shouldn’t be left to get worse as it may result in leaks within your property or structural issues with your roof. While you should never climb on your roofing for safety reasons, you can look for signs of water ingress within your loft space and any signs of damage (such as visible dents) from the ground. However, a professional roofer will be happy to take a look at your roof both internally and externally in more detail.

Importance of Weather Resistant Roofs

If your roof has come to the end of its lifespan, you may need to consider how to ensure your new roof lasts for years to come. Luckily, there are many types of high quality, advanced roofing materials for both pitched and flat roofs which are extremely durable and weather resistant, including against hailstones. If you live in an area which experiences this type of weather, speak to an accredited roofer about the types of roofing which can sustain greater impacts. There are many types of high quality roofing which are in keeping with requirements for both the functionality and aesthetics of your roof.

Need a roof inspection?

At South Thames Roofing, we provide expert roof inspections, roof maintenance and repairs. If you think your roof may have been affected by hailstones or you’d like someone to cast a professional eye over everything, we’re happy to help. We offer roofing services in Surrey and South London locations, including Richmond, Sheen and Wimbledon. Contact us now to let us know what you need.