When replacing parts of your roofline such as fascias and soffits or guttering, it’s important to choose a product which will enhance its function and prevent some of the issues you’re facing, whether they’re aesthetical or practical. For example, many decide to replace their gutters and downpipes if they’re looking outdated or they start experiencing leaks. Here are some of the things to consider when selecting your new guttering.

Should you choose uPVC for new or replacement guttering? Roofing advice for why gutter materials are important, why uPVC is popular & alternatives to consider, including metal gutters. Access specialist guttering services.Is Guttering Material Important?

It’s important to select a high quality material which looks good but is suitable for the function of your gutters. This means opting for a waterproof material which is strong enough to withstand the large amounts of rainwater which will pass through it. While the downpipes have gravity on their side, also think about the part of your guttering which runs along the roofline. This may gather all sorts of debris over the months, including leaves, dirt and animal faeces, not to mention snow, hailstones and ice. Your overall guttering system will take a battering from both the inside and out, so if you don’t choose a material which has weather resistant properties, it could start to form cracks. The consequences of leaks and overflowing gutters can cause damage to your property which could have been prevented.

Why UPVC Is Used for Gutters

UPVC is the most popular choice for new guttering thanks to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and last the test of time over the years. Property owners find it to be a really durable option which does the job its meant to. You can also customise its look to suit your property style, including colours, shapes and finishes. UPVC is adaptable, so you can choose the best depth of gutters for your property. Some areas have much higher rainfall than others, so your roofer can advise about the right type of gutters for weather conditions in your local area.

When Should Other Materials Be Used?

While uPVC is often used for whole systems or downpipes, there are other options available. Metal guttering such as iron and aluminium are sometimes the preferred choice where there are specific needs at a property. This could be a period home, for example, were cast iron gutters are more in keeping with the heritage of the aesthetics. Or maybe you’re looking for superior quality gutters for a larger roof where even more strength is required. However, experienced roofers will talk through your needs. It may be that choosing affordable uPVC is the best option by changing the shape and size of the guttering to meet your requirements.

Need new guttering?

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