Many property owners understand the benefits of gutter maintenance, booking regular roof inspections and gutter clearance services when required. However, prevention is sometimes better than cure, so are there some good ways you can stop debris and leaves blocking your gutters and downpipes in the first place? We take a look.

Easy ways to prevent gutter blockages. Get advice on installing leaf guards for gutters & how garden maintenance can help. Importance of regular roof inspections & gutter clearance. Prevent overflowing gutters now.Why Are Leaves Such an Issue for Guttering?

Leaves are one of the most common types of airborne debris in windy conditions, so they need a place to land. While this will usually be the ground as seen in autumn and winter, they can also easily fall into gutters where they will start to deteriorate and become a wet mush.

When combined with dirt, twigs, stones, animal droppings and other debris, they can become impacted in the gutters and downpipes, stopping the clear passage of water. This can lead to overflowing gutters, a heavier internal weight (putting pressure on fixings) and even property leaks. Therefore, reducing the amount of leaves entering your gutter systems is a must.

Leaf Guards for Gutters

There are several forms of gutter protection you can invest in, including metal mesh guards. These are fixed to the exposed part of the open vertical gutters to stop any large debris from getting inside without preventing the flow of rainwater away from the building. A mesh structure is often preferred over solid guards.

You can also buy foam filters which stop most types of debris from entering your gutters, while rainwater can still seep through. However, speak to your roofer about the durability of all these options and the pros and cons of each too.

Garden Maintenance

If you find a lot of leaves each year in your guttering, have you considered why this could be? Those with tall trees nearby in their garden are more at risk, so garden maintenance could be the key to reducing problems with your roofline. Ask a tree surgeon to trim back the crowns of any trees growing too close to your roof (as long as you own them) or speak to your neighbours if the tree resides on their property. This should also prevent larger pieces of debris such as small twigs and branches from falling near your roof too.

Regular Gutter Clearance

While installing roof guards and performing garden maintenance will help to prevent issues, you can still ask your roofer to check your gutters while performing a roof inspection. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your roof, helping to drain rainwater away from its other features to ensure everything works together as it should. Even a small clump of leaves can clog downspouts, so it’s still important to regularly check for gutter issues.

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