Are you considering replacement gutters and downpipes for your property? There are a few decisions you’ll have to make when choosing the right product for your new guttering, including its colour, shape and material. Two of the most popular types are plastic uPVC and aluminium gutters, but what’s the difference between them? We find out.

Find out more about the difference between aluminium & plastic gutters. Benefits of cost effective uPVC gutters. Get longer guarantees with aluminium guttering. Upgrade your property's roofline. Expert gutter replacements.

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Benefits of Plastic Gutters

UPVC gutters are one of the most widely used for UK households thanks to their cost-effective prices while still providing a quality product.

While plastic is more brittle than metal, always ask your roofer if they use a high-quality uPVC. You can also help to keep gutters healthy with regular gutter cleaning and by choosing a reputable roofing company who will install them correctly.

UPVC guttering is also more flexible than metal, so while it can be more brittle when facing impacts, it won’t dent or bend like any some damage to aluminium gutters can cause. The colour density throughout the plastic is also consistent, so scratches won’t show as easily as with some materials.

When it comes to appearance, uPVC guttering looks smart, coming in different colour choices such as white, black and grey.

Benefits of Aluminium Gutters

Aluminium is usually the more expensive choice, but this is down to its superior performance. It often has more impressive guarantees than plastic gutters (sometimes double), lasting for longer without a lot of maintenance. Therefore, you may want to consider investing more for the long-term benefits.

Aluminium can be dented, but won’t break as easily as plastic. Whereas a crack in a plastic gutter will lead to the system not performing as it should and leaks occurring, aluminium gutters are more robust. In fact, if they do require repairs, the gutters can often be reshaped to ensure they still work as expected.

The overall appearance is one of quality, and there are many different colour choices on offer.

Aluminium vs UPVC Gutters – Which One Should You Choose?

While it can prove difficult to distinguish between products, rest assured that many property owners choose both uPVC and aluminium guttering every year. Both materials are highly durable and won’t flake or rust. They come in a variety of options to suit your needs, from deep flow gutter depths to shapes such as ogee, oval and square.

The cost will often be a defining factor in your choice of guttering, but this should always be balanced with how long you expect them to last. You could also ask your roofer about how seamless each option is as it’s usually joints at which issues such as leaks and weather damage occur.

Do you need new gutters?

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