Repairing roofs in Surrey

Repairing roofs in Surrey

Every home needs a safe and secure roof. Nobody wants to find they have leaks when it’s raining, or that there’s the possibility of injury through loose tiles. Although work on a roof is not cheap, repairing a roof can save a fortune if it means preventing disaster. In Surrey, we see the same kind of roof repairs come up time and again.

Repairs to a roof

How often do you check your roof for damage? Probably not that often, right? Access is an issue, and many of us just wouldn’t think to check.

Right now, your roof could be decaying, leaking or suffering from a great big hole that you can’t see. There might be:

  • Slipped or broken tiles
  • Damage and tears to the fabric in your flat roof
  • Blocked or broken gutters
  • Mould and condensation
  • Birds and rodents nesting in the roof space
  • Damaged flashings

If you hire us to help, these jobs are straightforward to fix. It’s not wise to attempt the job yourself if you aren’t experienced in working at height. If you aren’t sure of what to do, there could be further damage from a poorly executed DIY job.

Common roof styles

Properties in Surrey tend to have gabled, double gabled, hipped, double hipped, half hipped, and flat roof styles. Some will have dormer windows.

Here’s how to recognise what you have:

  • Gabled and double gabled roofs have a triangular section of wall between the edges of the dual-pitched roof. The roof slopes downwards at an angle and starts at a central ridge. They were first seen in house build designs in 1840
  • On a hip or double hip roof, all the sides slide down to the walls. There are no gables and the angle of the slope is nearly always shallow. The roof itself has the shape of a pyramid, with four faces (providing your house is a rectangle shape). The fascia is a constant on all sides so guttering is easy to fit and maintain and maintenance is really affordable
  • A half-hip roof has a gable too. At the point, there is a small section that is squared off at the top. We see these most often in timber framed properties in Surrey
  • Flat roofs are nearly level. The slope of a roof is called the pitch, and it’s usually only around 10 degrees – just enough to allow rainwater to run off the sides. As well as being a covering for a home, they are often very affordable, but can tear easily and harbour damp
  • Dormers have a protruding element, usually a window. They are often created to add to the useable space of the attic area as well as to increase headroom. They are a very popular addition to many homes in Surrey, and we see them often in loft conversions

No matter what kind of roof you have on your house, we’re here to help maintain and repair it.

Only use a professional roofing company

When it comes to roof repairs, it doesn’t matter what style you have, it’s vital that you only use a professional company to carry out the work. Don’t try to skimp on the job by attempting it yourself. You could end up with a larger bill if you aren’t a qualified roofer, and a fall could be a serious tragedy.

Contact South Thames Roofing now. We’ll inspect your roof and give you a quote to keep your home leak-free for many years to come.