When you invest in a new build property, you expect everything to work like clockwork, but many property owners find themselves facing issues. This includes roof problems such as missing tiles, gutter leaks or fixtures which haven’t been installed to the highest of quality.

If you’re having any issues with your new build roofing, make sure you understand your rights. Here are some key points to take note of.

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Don’t Ignore Your New Build Roofing

If you buy a new home with a house builder, it’s easy to assume everything was built to a high standard. However, one of the best things you can do when you first move in is to complete a snagging list (there are lots of free templates available for these online), which will help you make a record of anything which needs addressing.

While this is going to include issues with aspects such as paint finishes and flooring, don’t forget about your roofing. Always check your attic space and your roof from a safe distance (i.e. the ground). If you’ve hired a professional snagging company, they may even offer you a service in which they can inspect your roof via a drone, looking for displaced tiles, cracks or debris left behind.

Informing Your House Builder

Clearly document all issues found or those requiring further inspection, and inform your house builder in writing (e.g. via email). Most reputable companies have fantastic aftercare services which will help you with this, and as a minimum, they should come out and check anything you’re not happy with or you’re unsure about.

They should follow the Consumer Code for Home Builders, which includes implementing a system for dealing with issues and complaints. If you were supplied with a welcome pack when you moved in, make sure you read through this in detail, including who you need to contact and the timeframe for highlighting problems.

The aftersales service should cover you for the first two years after the build, which includes fixtures and fittings. That’s why it’s so important to make sure any issues are reported in writing to show when they started.

Understand Your 10 Year Warranty

While your house builder will often provide you with an aftercare process for two years, after this time, you should still be covered for building problems through a 10-year warranty. Your builder needs to provide you with details of this warranty and the insurance protection issued.

Therefore, if roofing issues start due to the original build (rather than because of any damage caused since), you should know who to contact. This will often be the NHBC (National House Building Council), who provide Buildmark cover. It also applies to subsequent owners of the house within the 10-year period.

Need a roofer?

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