When maintaining your roof, every element needs to be considered. From replacing fascias to ensuring your guttering remains clear, a missed issue can cause problems for the rest of your roofing. One of the areas you shouldn’t forget to check is your chimney stack.

While property owners often focus on what’s going on with their fireplace within the building, the condition of the roof stack should be regularly inspected with any repairs carried out as swiftly as possible.

Here are some key points to consider in the ultimate checklist for chimney stack maintenance.

Roofing guides - Ultimate checklist for maintaining your roof's chimneyHow to Check Your Chimney Stack

While a professional roofing inspection should be booked every year to keep on top of issues, understanding the signs that indicate there’s something wrong can help you address any problems early. This includes missing parts (such as the capping), property leaks or fallen debris around the grounds of the property.

If you can see your chimney from the ground, you may be able to spot if something is amiss, but often the heights involved will prevent this. Never attempt the get a closer look as qualified roofers have the right safety equipment and training to do this.

Signs You Need Chimney Repairs

Some of the more obvious signs you need chimney repairs include:

  • Damaged chimney flashing
  • Rusting metal
  • Debris from the chimney interior coming down the flue (shaling flue tiles)
  • Cracks in the chimney crown
  • Damp
  • Missing capping or cowls
  • Water damage around or below the chimney
  • Discolouration
  • Odours and fumes coming into your property
  • You’re struggling to create a sufficient fire
  • Damaged mortar joints (read on to find out more about chimney repointing)

Does Your Chimney Need Repointing?

Chimney stacks need repointing if there are gaps within the mortar around the bricks and stonework. This involves the joints being refilled to ensure it remains structurally sound and watertight.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is there missing grouting? This may show itself through visible cracks in the mortar joint or even algae growing in its place.
  • Does your chimney look in poor condition? If it’s started to disintegrate, its structure may need repairing.
  • Do you have any moisture ingress in your attic? Any gaps in your roof could help rainwater find its way into your property.

Do You Need Chimney Capping or a Chimney Cowl?

Chimney capping and cowls involve the installation of a cover at the top of the chimney stack. This could be for ventilation purposes, stopping downdraughts and reducing fire risks. The caps can also keep out animals and birds, prevent chimney blockages and stop rainwater from getting into the flue. If you don’t already have a cover and are worried about some of these issues, an expert roofer can fit one for you.

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