Every roof has a lifespan, so when you decide to invest in new roofing, you’ll want to know it’s built to last. Whether you have a roofing emergency or you’re planning a much-needed upgrade, some fantastic durable roof materials are available to choose from. So what do you need to consider?

What is the most durable roof material available?Why is the roofing material you choose important?

It can be tempting to reduce costs when you need a roof replacement by choosing a cheap material. However, these materials will often have shorter lifespans and may not be as high in quality as some of the more modern roofing types.

By selecting a durable roof, you may never need to replace it again in your lifetime. You may also find you spend less on your roofing costs as you won’t face recurring issues we see with some of the older types of roof material.

Your roofing will need to withstand a wide variety of harsh weather conditions throughout the year, from ice forming as temperatures drop to wind, rain and moss growth. Therefore, choosing the right material is a must when upgrading, replacing or building a new roof.

How long should a roof last?

As a general guide, you can look at the warranty of roofing materials to get a good idea about how long you should expect them to last. However, this is only the minimum amount of time the material and installation are covered for, so most types of roofing will have a much longer lifespan than this. For example, some types of EPDM rubber roofing or GRP fibreglass have warranties of at least 20 years, but they can last up to 40 or 50 years before they need replacing.

What are the most durable roofing materials available?

The most durable roofing material will depend on a range of influencing factors, from the type of roofing required (e.g. flat or pitched roofs) to the conditions the material will need to withstand (e.g. climate, weather, access).

Some of the most durable roofing materials on the market include rubber, liquid and fibreglass roofs, thanks to their strength, structure and method of installation. For example, if you choose liquid roofing, it can be applied to anything from bituminous roofing membranes to concrete or plywood, creating a seamless sheet that’s impervious to water.

Recognise when to replace your roof

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, regular inspections are the earliest indicator of what to expect. A professional roofing company will be able to show you where issues are forming, and you may even have recurring problems you’d like to address. A roofing upgrade can save you time and money if you plan it well.

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