A roofing emergency when your roof is in need of repair is likely to cause you a fair amount of stress, and could even mean you need to take time off work in order to get it fixed or get quotes from contractors.

Roof emergencies can easily occur, especially when you’re not able to see the condition of your roof from any windows or higher elevations. For example, with a flat roof, you’re able to get on top of it and see the condition for yourself or look out of an upstairs window down onto it, but if you live in a house with a pitched roof, you may not be able to see what’s going on up there.

What is a roofing emergency?

A roofing emergency will usually start with a leak or severe draught felt in your home. A leak usually occurs when a problem with your roof has gone undetected for too long, resulting in damage to your tiles, membrane or another essential part of the structure. Take a look at some of the most overlooked signs of imminent roof repairs.

In these circumstances, getting your roof repaired quickly is essential. You can first try to identify where the leak is coming from, and then decide on your next move once you have better assessed the damage. After this, your options are likely going to be:

  • Calling in a professional roofer
  • Tackling the repair yourself

Calling in a professional roofer

Emergency roofing callouts can be expensive and could result in even more cost if your contractor has to move their schedule around. However, the alternatives – such as allowing your home and possessions to be exposed to the elements – are much less favourable. If you’re able to locate a trusted, reliable contractor in your local area, you might find that they offer a reasonable rate and can accommodate you quickly.

South Thames roofing is on hand throughout south London and Surrey, providing customers in areas such as Battersea and Richmond with the help they need.

Tackling the repair yourself

Unless you’re an expert in DIY and roofing, this approach is, of course, not recommended. Firstly because of the risk that an inadequate repair poses to your home, but also because any DIY attempts at repairing your roof may render your insurance null and void should you need to claim for a roof repair further down the line.

You might also need to work at height during this repair, which is a significant safety risk and should only be done with adequate scaffolding and expertise.

Overall, a proactive approach to roof maintenance is much better than a reactive one to repairs. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you won’t need an emergency roof repair anytime soon:

  • Check your roof periodically for signs of a leak
  • Carry out regular visual inspections so you know what your roofline looks like
  • Look for signs of bubbling and creasing across any felt membranes or old coverings
  • Weigh up further repairs versus an overall replacement with future longevity in mind
  • Get your gutters cleaned regularly
  • Opt for a professional roofing company to complete regular cleaning and maintenance (keeping proof of this will stand you in good stead should you ever have to claim for a roof repair on your home insurance)

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