Some roofing issues are more evident than others. It’s hard to ignore you have a problem if there are leaks in your property or lots of slates missing. However, most of these start with small areas of damage or deterioration that worsen over time, so it can save you time and money if you spot the symptoms as they begin.

Here are some of the most overlooked signs you need roof repairs.

Moisture in Your Loft

When was the last time you headed up into your attic or loft? If it’s safe to do so, try to check this space at least once a year, looking for any signs of roof damage from the interiors. The more obvious warning signals are aspects such as sunlight coming in or a pest infestation, but don’t miss signs of moisture either, including damp patches on any boxes you have stored up there, as well as the insulation. Advanced ingress may even present itself as mould or mildew.

Blistering & Peeling Paint

While many homeowners put it down to general wear and tear of old materials, note any cracked or peeling paint on areas such as your roof fascias, or blistering on your flat roof. These signs of roof deterioration should be addressed. The solution may be as simple as a roofline upgrade or fitting a new waterproof roof covering.

Rising Energy Bills

Most property owners don’t think about their roof when it comes to the price of their energy bills, but if you’ve noticed an increase, it’s time to address any areas of the home where insulation could be an issue. Air leaks through your roof can contribute to rising rates, meaning it’s not as weather-tight as it should be.

Spot the early signs of roof damage & deterioration. Includes moisture in your loft, blistering, rising energy bills, a damaged chimney stack, moss growth and debris in your gutters. Find easy roofing solutions now.Chimney Stack Damage

When spotting the signs of roof damage, don’t forget about your chimney. It’s one of the most overlooked areas of any roof, yet it can be one of the most dangerous if it has cracked or broken flashing. This needs looking at without delay.

Moss Growth

Many people ignore moss growing on their roof, but if you allow it to spread, it can cause a lot of damage, displacing tiles and creating gaps that let moisture in. Algae can spread quickly across your roofing, so ask for a professional to come and remove it as soon as you spot it.

Debris in Gutters

While it can be difficult to spot small amounts of roof debris if they’re landing on the ground around your property or blowing away in the wind, any crumbling elements may land in your gutters too. Regular gutter cleaning can identify issues early on.

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