Have you spotted a roof leak after recent rainfall?

With the changing seasons, we all know how unpredictable British weather can be. One second you can have glorious blue skies and sunshine, and the next, there’s severe wind and rain. It’s a lot for our roofs to cope with, so staying on top of any issues is essential.

If you’ve spotted a potential leak in your property, it’s vital you act fast to prevent further damage. Here’s what you need to do next.

Check It’s Coming from Your Roof

If your property leak has started after heavy rainfall, there’s a high chance it’s related to a problem with your roofing. The first signs homeowners spot are usually watermarks on the ceiling or coming down walls, and you may even need to place buckets or towels down if there’s water dripping into the room. New leaks will be clear in colour.

However, while you may have had heavy rain, always double check it’s not a plumbing issue, such as a burst pipe that needs urgent repairs.

Speak to Your Neighbours

If it’s new build roofing, and your neighbours live in the same style of property, it could also be worth speaking to them about whether they have similar problems to you. Remember to report any issues through the relevant channels when you live in a new build home, including a direct complaint to your house builder within two years of completion.

Why Do You Have a Roof Leak?

A roof leak could indicate possible damaged tiles or guttering, so these are often the first place you should check. However, it’s important only those with the right safety equipment and training access the roof, so any checks you do should be from street level or up in your loft if you have easy access.

With any luck, the leak is being caused by something that’s simple to repair. It may be that the wind and rain has dislodged tiling or your gutters have become blocked and are now overflowing against the side of your property.

Older roofs may need more complex work to repair issues if the leaks have been caused by an accumulation of damage to your roof over time. A deteriorating roof should be addressed sooner rather than later, or you may keep experiencing leaks and other problems with its structure.

Ask an Expert Roofer to Inspect

If you have a property leak, one of the fastest ways to pinpoint what’s happening is to call a local roofing company. They’ll perform an internal and external inspection to locate the source of the leak and provide a quote for any further investigations or repairs required. It’s vital you don’t perform DIY roof repairs, or you could cause more damage.

Need a roof inspection?

If you’ve notice watermarks or property leaks after rainfall, ask South Thames Roofing to inspect. We provide high-quality roofing solutions, maintenance and repairs in Surrey and South London, including New Malden, Raynes Park and Shepperton.

Contact us now to book an inspection and quote.