Whether you’re a homeowner who has noticed damp patches on your walls or ceiling, or you’re a business experiencing property leaks, getting to the source of the issue is one of the first steps to take. Some types of leaks are going to be due to plumbing issues, whereas others are going to need an expert roofer to take a closer look. Here are some of our top tips for working out who you need to help with the repairs.

Signs of Property Leaks

Before you can identify the source of your leak, somebody in the property needs to spot it first. Being aware of the signs there’s water coming into your home or business can help you fix the issue before it causes significant damage. Some of the most obvious signs include wet patches or watermarks on your ceiling, and these may even start coming down your walls. New leaks will be clear in colour, but older untreated issues could cause darker stains to come through. If moisture ingress is the issue rather than a catastrophic leak, you may notice peeling or cracked paint forming. If you spot signs of mould or mildew, this can also point to an issue within your property.

Property leak experts: Roofing leaks vs plumbing issues - get to the sourcePlumbing Issue or Roof Leak?

Once you’ve determined there’s a problem occurring, identifying the source is your next step.

The first thing to do is assess where the leak is occurring in the property. Is it isolated to one room or place? Are the leaks occurring around the taps, shower or where there’s pipework elsewhere in property? If so, this would indicate a plumbing issue is the cause.

Think about how the problem area links to the outside of the building. For example, is the room located directly below a flat roof, where leaks are more common? Is the watermark linked to where the top of your guttering is or your chimney stack? This could give you more of a clue.

It’s also important to think about the context of the leak starting. When did you first notice the problem, and did this occur when there was heavy rainfall outside, for example? This would indicate a roofing issue if the moisture is related to weather and external rainwater entering your property.

Don’t forget to check the inside of your attic or loft if it’s safe and easy to do so. Look for signs within the space, whether it’s visible damp, stained wood or mould.

Fixing Roofing Leaks – Get Roof Repairs

Once you’ve determined the source of the leak, you can call a plumber or roofer to help. A roofing company will inspect the inside and outside of the area to determine why the leak is happening and may even be able to provide a temporary or permanent fix on the spot. If more in-depth roof repairs are required, they’ll let you know the solutions available and provide a quote. Whatever the source of your property leak, don’t delay repairs.


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