One of the biggest nightmares for any property owner is roof leaks. Not only do you have to consider the cost of any water damage, but the repair price for resolving the issues causing the leak in the first place. For businesses, leaks can also cause disruptions for both staff and customers, which could start to affect your revenue. If you’re experiencing leaks in your commercial roof, finding the source of the problem can help you fix the issue as soon as possible. Here are some of the reasons this could be happening.

Commercial roofing experts - find out why your business' roof is leaking

Is Your Commercial Roof to Blame?

When a business first notices a leak, it could start as something as simple as a small watermark on the ceiling or in more extreme cases, visible water coming in. It’s important to identify the cause, however big or small the problem. In most cases, the source is either a plumbing issue, i.e. a burst pipe, or a roofing one. If it’s a roof leak, you’ll usually notice the problem starts or gets worse during a period of heavy rainfall, consistent with weather conditions. While you may have a professional property maintenance team to call upon when things go wrong with your building, a roofing contractor will need to come and assess your roof and provide repairs.

Types of Roof Damage

Business properties with leaks will often have experienced deterioration to their roofing, leaving cracks or gaps in which moisture or water can enter through. In many cases, this is due to the age of the roof (so the cost of repairs vs replacement should be weighed up), or severe weather such as snow, ice or high winds may have resulted in damage occurring. This could be something as small as a missing tile or moss spreading and dislodging your slates. Many commercial roofs are also flat roofs, which means the membrane may have torn or punctured, proving again why high quality materials and professional installation are a must.

Don’t Forget Drainage Issues

If you have a flat roof, is water draining away from the area properly? If you notice pooling on your roof, this could indicate inadequate drainage, either due to poor installation or in most cases, blocked gutters. Your guttering and downpipes form an essential part of your roofing, so if they become clogged up with leaves and other debris, they will no longer drain away water from your roofing area as they should. Not only does this put a strain on your roof, but also your gutters too, especially if trapped water freezes and expands. In fact, if there’s been damage to your guttering, this could even be the source of the leak. In these instances, you may notice water running down the side of your building, or waterlogged ground at the base.

Is your commercial roof leaking?

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