Roofs often sustain damage or deterioration over the years, which is why regular inspections are so important to catch problems early. However, one of the worst nightmares for any property owner is discovering a leak which has started in the roofing area, so it’s important to identify the source of the problem as soon as you can. Here are some of the common roof areas to experience leaks.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are a great, cost-effective choice, especially for areas such as kitchen extensions and commercial roofs. However, because it’s easier for the water to pool here, they can be more susceptible to leaks. If you’re having a new flat roof installed, ensure you choose a reputable roofer who can offer high quality solutions. This means the material chosen will be suitable for the roof’s use and its exposure to the elements, offering the insulation and durable membranes required for flat roofing. An accredited, fully qualified roofer will ensure the installation complies with all building regulations so that it has the right pitch for water runoff to help drain any which falls on the roofing and reduce pooling.


Your guttering is a good place to check for leaks, and you may even be able to spot signs of this on the outside of your property. Look for water marks along your walls, waterlogged ground below gutters or even water spilling over the edges. The issue often stems from something simple such as blockages caused by dirt, leaves, dead animals or stones, obstructing the flow of water to the downpipes. Unfortunately, if water becomes trapped and turns into ice, the weight may cause buckling or splits. Ensure your gutters are clear and choose high quality guttering materials such as uPVC if replacing.


It only takes a small amount of damage for roof tiles to become displaced. This could be anything from airborne debris hitting your roof in hind winds, ice expanding in a small crack or even vegetation such as moss dislodging the tiles as it spreads. You may be able to tell it’s part of your pitched roof that’s experiencing the leak by heading up into your loft if it’s safe and easy to do. Are there damp patches along the walls or ceilings? Can you see any obvious signs of damage? It’s sometimes easier for a trained eye to spot the source of the leak.

Can’t Find the Source of the Roof Leak?

The quickest way to find out why your home has a leak is to ask a roofer to perform an inspection. They’ll look in more detail at protrusions on your roof such as chimney stacks, where deterioration may be causing water to enter your home. They’ll know what to look for, how to identify the exact point of the leak and give you a better idea of the repairs required to fix the problem.

Does your home have a leak?

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