If you’ve recently decided to take the plunge and replace, upgrade or install new pitched roofing, choosing the right slates and tiles for your property is an important decision. There are lots of different factors to consider during the planning process, from their appearance to how long they’ll last. To help you decide which type to pick, follow these expert tips.

Choose the Right Look

When you first look at all the different slates and tiles for pitched roofs, you’ll realise just how much choice there is on offer. From the grey tones and smooth textures of natural roofing slate to traditional clay tiles, there are endless ways you can transform the look of your new roof. Many homeowners like their roof’s appearance to remain in keeping with houses in the area, but don’t be afraid to find examples of what other shapes, sizes and colours could look like when installed. There could be a design which suits your property more than the styles of neighbouring houses.

New roofing guides - how to choose slates & tiles for pitched roofing

Invest in Quality

As well as the appearance of the slates and tiles you choose, think about the practical elements they’ll bring to your roof. We understand new roofing is an investment for any property owner, but if you opt for poor quality materials, you could end up paying more further down the line if the tiles break easily or become damaged. Always look at the expected lifespan of any products you’re considering. Many high-quality slates and tiles can last for up to 50 years, meaning you’ll only have to invest once in your lifetime.

Use an Expert Roofer

While it’s always good to have ideas about the types of slates or tiles you want, getting an expert on board early on in the process is a great plan. A good roofing contractor will discuss your needs, budget and ideas, before recommending products which fit the brief. This is a really easy way to cut down the time spent researching and sourcing the right slates and tiles for your new roof.

They may also suggest things you haven’t thought of, like how certain materials are affected by temperature changes, structural support required or methods to ensure your property is as insulated as it can be. If there are any drawbacks of the materials you’re proposing, this is something they’ll let you know. It means you can make an informed decision about the right material for your new pitched roof.

Are you looking for an experienced roofer?

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