Whether you’re replacing an ageing roof or building a new one, one of the most important decisions will be choosing its shape. The two most common types of roofs in the UK are flat and pitched roofs, but which one should you choose? Here are some factors to consider.

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Why replace your roof?

Every roof has a lifespan, subject to damage caused by anything from storms to general deterioration. UK roofs face a lot of different weather conditions over the course of each year, including snow, hail and heavy rainfall. Even heatwaves affect roofs, especially if the surface is vulnerable to extreme temperature changes.

You’ll know it’s time to replace a roof if you’re experiencing continual problems, paying for frequent repairs every time more damage occurs. You may also have noticed issues such as property leaks, especially if there’s water ingress in your loft area.

Benefits of pitched roofs

Pitched roofs are often chosen for their classic appearance and beautiful results, found in homes and commercial buildings throughout the country.

If you choose a pitched roof, the most popular material choices are tiles and slates. They’re produced in various colours, styles and shapes, so there’s more diversity when it comes to the overall effect achieved. In this sense, pitched roofs can be more of a property feature than flat roofs, which you sometimes can’t see from ground level.

Not just offering aesthetical appeal, pitched roofs are also highly durable, known for their longevity. Their sloping appearance is highly efficient at draining water away from the property while creating more internal space in the home.

Benefits of flat roofs

Flat roofs pose a cost-effective alternative to pitched roofs, especially if you’re reroofing a smaller area such as an extension, porch or garage. Flat roofs are largely unobtrusive structures, so they’re ideal for any builds that may be subject to planning restrictions. They’re also a quicker option for roofing projects, taking less time to construct and requiring fewer materials.

While flat roofs may have a reputation for issues such as water pooling and leaks, this is often due to the quality of roofing used in the past. Modern flat roof materials are some of the most robust on the market, especially those such as liquid roofing, EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass. Their seamless application means there are no spots for water to leak through, lasting many years.

Your roofing contractor will also talk you through how flat roof drainage works, preventing water from pooling across the surface.

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