All roofs will begin to deteriorate over time, although modern, durable roofing materials can last for decades. However, with older roofs, households may see more issues occurring as time goes on, leaving property owners wondering if it would be cheaper to replace their roof rather than repair it again.

The key to prolonging the life of a roof is regular maintenance, but what does this mean? Here are our top tips for how to save an ageing roof.

What factors affect a roof’s lifespan?

Roofs and their accompanying structures (e.g. chimneys) are at the highest point of a property, leaving them exposed to the elements. For example, the sloping nature of roofs (even flat roofs are set at a slight pitch) helps rainfall to run into guttering along the roofline, transporting water away from the rest of the property.

As well as adverse weather conditions (e.g. rain and wind), other factors such as excessive cold and heat, moss growth and external structures like overgrown tree branches can all lead to damage to tiles, slates and flat roofs, reducing their lifespan.

Check your attic or loft

While it’s never a good idea to climb up onto your roof yourself, if it’s safe to do so, you can keep an eye on your internal roof structures from the inside.

Take the time to visit your attic or loft space a few times a year to see what’s going on, looking for early signs of rotting wood, damp patches or mould. If there are any birds or pests in the roof area, there may be a point of entry that shouldn’t be there, so look for light shining through gaps, always completing this check when there’s daylight outside.

There could also be problems with roof ventilation if your attic is excessively hot or cold.

Inspect your gutters

Guttering is a key part of your roofline, supporting lower tiles and ensuring rain is transported away from the building.

Unfortunately, if your gutters become clogged and start to overflow, the rain will find other means of escape. This can leave watermarks down the side of your home and sodden ground at its base, which is unhealthy for your property’s foundations.

Stay on top of roof repairs

If there’s an issue with your roofing, get it sorted as soon as possible. Something as simple as leaving debris on your roof will cause extra weight and a backup of water in the space, which can result in leaks, particularly on flat roofs.

The best way to identify minor issues that reduce the lifespan of your roof if left unaddressed is by booking regular inspections. However, always use the services of an accredited roofing company you trust to help you make informed choices about your roofing.

Book a roof inspection

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