The great British summer is totally unpredictable. Endless days of downpours have quickly turned to weeks of scorching heat, and your garage roof has had to deal with that. Extreme changes in weather can cause issues with building materials, but if your roof has been fitted with flexible and breathable materials then this shouldn’t have caused too much of a problem. Though summer is already in full swing, you can still take steps to ensure that it’s fully prepared for whatever the UK climate throws at us next.

Clean your garage roof

Whether your roof is pitched or flat, the main issue it’s going to encounter will probably be an excess of plant debris. Moss and algae are weeds, so they can grow into all types of roofing materials – from wood and metal to asphalt and clay – causing damp and lifting tiles. Many roofers advise against ‘violent’ removal methods that can damage the roof further, so you should take care when cleaning away debris. Gently dislodging the moss with a brush can be effective, or you could talk to professional roofers about pressure washing – though this is not advisable for flat roofs.

Remove blockages in your guttering system

The next step of your cleaning process involves removing any debris from the roof’s guttering system or downpipe. Dead leaves, moss and algae can cause blockages, and reduce your garage roof’s ability to drain water effectively, which will eventually lead to damage. You can use a scoop to remove larger pieces of debris from the gutter, and flush away blockages in the downpipe using a wire (to make a hole in the blockage) and a hose. Roofing experts can do this quickly and affordable, so it’s worthwhile calling in help.

Fix any leaks

If you’ve noticed a leak in your garage roof, you should get it mended as soon as possible, as the issue will only get worse. It might simply be that you need a tile replacing or your waterproof seal fixing – just call a local roofer and they’ll advise you on the best course of action. You can also check your guttering and downpipe for any leaks by passing water through the system: if the water doesn’t run freely, then the gutter seam might be broken.

Here at South Thames Roofing, we can help you secure your roof so that it can cope with all types of weather. Contact us today to talk to our expert team.