Repair damaged guttering

Repair damaged guttering

Checking your gutters is essential to prevent problems with your roofline and drains. A blocked gutter can cause water to back up, and the sheer weight of water, debris and ice could pull the fixtures off the wall. If blockages get into your drainpipes, you might get blocked pipes or overflowing drains. These can be expensive to fix, difficult to remedy and can emit foul odours around your home.

Locating problems is not always easy, and fixing them is even more challenging. Here’s a quick guide to what to look for.

Cleaning and Checking

When we replace gutters, we generally supply uPVC parts. However, gutters are available in a range of materials, including steel and iron. Regardless of the material, you should have your gutters cleaned once a year, and it’s wise to ask the person doing the cleaning to do a quick visual check.

Removing moss and leaves is always a good idea, and you’ll probably find some rubbish up there that has blown into the gutter and got stuck. It’s not difficult to clean out this mess, providing you’re comfortable on a ladder, and a basic trowel is all you need to dislodge the majority of blockages.

If you see problems with the structure of the gutter, or the surrounding roofline area, we strongly suggest that you make a note of its location and call us for further advice.

Repairing Gutters

While cleaning gutters is a job anyone can do, repairing them is another matter. You have the challenge of working at height, and you also need the right tools. Like any DIY job, approaching it without the right preparation can cause more damage than there was to begin with.

When you hire an expert, they’ll be able to clear blockages safely, and repair the gutters using specialist tools. If your gutters are leaking, our team can inspect the brackets that hold the gutter to the wall, and look for signs of decay or breakage that can cause water to seep over the edge.

Crucially, expert roofers have a breadth of knowledge in this area, so they will almost certainly pick up on problems that you would never have noticed yourself. Sometimes, problems with flashing, or signs of rot, will be missed by a competent amateur. It can certainly be beneficial to have an expert eye check out your roof, before a hidden problem gets worse.

Organise a Visit

South Thames Roofing would be pleased to visit your home and carry out a thorough gutter inspection. Whether you know you have issues with the gutters, or you simply want peace of mind, now’s the perfect time to get any niggly problems sorted. Leave it too late into the year, and inspection becomes much more difficult, because bad weather and poor light makes the job much harder.

For any aspect of roofline maintenance, trust South Thames Windows. We’ll fix your gutter problems and ensure your roofline is functioning well.