A damaged roof could prevent a house sale

A damaged roof could prevent a house sale

So, you’ve decided to put your house on the property market. You’ve taken your marketing photos, arranged some viewings, and perhaps engaged the services of an estate agent. Now you can sit back and watch the offers start rolling in. But weeks go by, and still you receive no offer. Maybe the price is too high? Or the location is undesirable? No: more often than not, the reason homeowners have difficulty selling their property is because of some overriding issue with the house that the new buyer doesn’t want to have to deal with.

Let’s imagine that problem is your roof. While getting a roof repaired or renovated is, in general, fairly affordable for the average homeowner, it can seem like an added expense for somebody who has just paid hundreds of thousands for a property. Most buyers want to settle into their new home, without having to do repair work on the property.  If you have an issue with your roof – whether it’s cosmetic or functional – your chances of finding a suitable buyer will be significantly higher if you get it fixed before you try to sell it.

What’s wrong with your roof?

Slipped tiles and slates, loose shingling and faded guttering systems are common cosmetic roofing issues, which can be rectified easily and affordably by professional roofers – making your property look smart, attractive and well-maintained. More serious functional problems, such as leaks, ineffective drainage and cracks in your roof, can significantly decrease the value of your property if left untreated. Water damage can affect your ceilings and walls, and can soon develop into a bigger and more expensive problem.

Hire a roofing professional who knows the demands of the property market

As with any home improvement project, DIY roofing is always a tempting option. Just remember: making a small initial investment in a skilled and experienced roofing contractor can help you profit from your home when you come to sell it. DIY projects can often end up causing more damage and requiring repair work. Here at South Thames Roofing, we can help you meet the demands of the property market with an affordable roofing solution.

If you’re trying to sell your property and think your roof could do with fixing up, contact us at South Thames Roofing today. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment to find any cosmetic or functional issues that could be mended to increase your chances of a sale.