While we’re all spending more time indoors, many property owners attentions have turned to those maintenance jobs they’ve been putting off for a while. However, one of the most vital areas of the home that gets missed is roofing. After a harsh winter of ice, rain, high winds and stormy weather, now is a great time for a roof inspection.

However, whether you’ve spotted an issue or you’re checking over the area for signs of damage, safety is paramount, so don’t jump into the task without knowing more. Follow these top tips for how to stay safe when inspecting your roof.

Find out why you should never climb onto your roof without proper training & safety equipment. Top roofing inspection tips to spot signs from the ground & inside your attic. Hire a local roofer in Surrey & South London.Inspect Your Roof from the Ground

If you can, assess your roofing from the ground wherever possible. In fact, for homeowners, it’s often easier to spot something this way, such as issues with roof tiles. Are there any watermarks down the side of your building? Can you see moss growing? Are there visible cracks? These are all signs you may have a problem brewing. To help, take a look at our checklist for summer roof maintenance. It guides you through the steps for checking each feature of your roofline, looking for anything unusual.

Head Into Your Attic

While it’s never a good idea to climb onto your roof, if you can get into your attic or loft space safely, this is another way to spot if you have issues, visually and by touch.

Any sunlight shining through cracks will need to be inspected by a professional as soon as possible, but luckily, this isn’t common. Property owners are more likely to find issues such as damp forming, rotting wood (look for dark patches), mould or mildew if moisture has entered. If you find any animals up there, including birds, this also indicates they have found a way inside.

All of these warning signs indicate roof damage which needs to be fixed.

Know the Dangers of Climbing on Your Roof

We would never advise heading up to your roof yourself without careful consideration, even if it’s a simple flat roof. Professionals like the South Thames Roofing team have the proper safety equipment and extensive training to work at height. This includes footwear which won’t cause any more damage (while providing a good grip), harnesses and ladders. Failure to uphold the right safety measures when checking a roof can put both the inspector at risk and those below.

Hire a Professional Roofer Now

If you need further help to inspect your roof, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with South Thames Roofing. Our qualified, experienced roofers work across South London and Surrey to install, upgrade and repair roofing. We come out to locations such as Beckenham, Leatherhead and Epsom. Please call 0208 397 2900 now to book a roof inspection and maintenance.