As the warmer weather hits us this Summer, many homeowners take the opportunity to take care of the exterior parts of their home, whether it’s their garden, windows or roofing. While most understand just how crucial it is to keep on top of any maintenance work which needs to be completed to prevent costly roof repairs further down the line, few know what to look for.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy checklist, providing you with some of the top things to check and how you can care for your roof this season.

Checking Your Roof from the Ground

Summer roof maintenance: ultimate checklist for Surrey & South London homesWhen it comes to checking roofing yourself, safety is paramount, so only look at your roofing where easily accessible, i.e. from the ground or your interior attic space.

  • Never attempt to climb on your roof yourself, even if you have a flat roof and can easily reach it with a ladder.
  • DIY repairs are never a wise idea and could even make problems bigger.
  • Check the façade of your property and around your home – is there anything unusual happening? (e.g., overflowing drains caused by blocked downpipes)
  • Inspect the ground around your home. Is there any debris and you’re unsure where it’s come from?
  • Look inside your attic space – are there any signs of roof damage? This includes pest infestations (which may be coming in through holes in your roofing), stains, moisture and soft patches of wood which may be starting to rot.

Looking at Each Roofing Feature

When checking each feature of your roof, there are certain aspects to note which may indicate there’s an issue. First, look for signs of noticeable damage or weathering, including cracks and holes. However, there may also be other red flags you can spot from the ground.

  • Guttering & downpipes: Check for leaks, whether water runs freely through them into the drain, cracks and damage to flashing.
  • Fascias & Soffits: Check for peeling or cracked paint, holes, moss, bird nests and pests.
  • Tiles & shingle: Check for loose or slipped tiles, missing tiles, cracks and moss.
  • Chimney stack & parapet walls: Check for crumbling brickwork, a leaning stack, visible cracks, damp below the chimney, draughts or rain coming down the chimney flue, damage to flashing and a missing chimney cap.
  • Flat roofs: Check for damp or mould, blistering (looks like bubbles under the roof material), rips and bowing (due to water pooling).
  • Other areas to check: flashings, vents, skylights, rooflights, eaves, drains, satellite dishes and pipes

Getting Professional Help

Take your time to work your way through our ultimate Summer roof maintenance checklist to lengthen the life of your roof and keep on top of any minor issues before they become a costly problem. If you have any suspicions or want to put your mind at rest, professional roofers can inspect each area thoroughly. Other maintenance services on offer may include gutter cleaning to remove moss, leaves and other debris.

Here at South Thames Roofing, we offer a wide range of roofing maintenance services to Surrey and South London homes, covering areas such as Ashtead, Chelsea and Chessington. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for advice if you’d like your roof inspected this Summer.