Roof problems are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing we dread more than unexpected leak, and because the roof’s out of sight, we often don’t think to check it. Once a problem occurs, it could take months before the homeowner notices. By then, they assume it’ll be expensive.

In extreme cases, the whole tiled roof needs to be taken off and replaced to make the building safe and watertight. While this does require investment, your property will gain immense value from having a brand new tiled roof.

What’s Involved?

A single broken tile is not the end of the world, but major structural problems can cause the whole roof to fail. We also have to repair roofs after extreme situations such as the ground shifting, or in the case of fire damage.

If we can easily access the roof space, the replacement should be straightforward. We’ll remove the tiles, make the joists and structure good underneath, and place new tiles on top.

If the roof is difficult to access, the job becomes more complicated. We need to look at ways to erect scaffolding, make the area safe, or access the roof using other means (such as a cherry picker to lift workers over glass structures). If we have to place scaffolding in the road, that can also push the price up.

To a degree, the finish does affect the cost, too. Locally sourced tiles will be cheaper than rare or discontinued tiles. If you need a large amount replacing, and the existing tiles are difficult to match, it may be worth replacing them all with a lower cost tile.


In general, the price to repair a tiled roof ranges from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. If a small area is damaged, we can replace tiles for less than £500. A new roof on a typical semi-detached property costs around 10 times that amount.

As demonstrated above, we take a range of factors into account when costing up a new roof, so the above should be used as a very rough guide figure. There are many cases where we’ve replaced a roof for less than the average price; equally, we occasionally find that jobs are more complicated than they appear from the ground.

Note that the cost of replacing a flat roof is quite different, and is covered in another blog post.

Don’t Cut Corners On Your Roof

If you need a new roof, don’t delay. Winter weather can ravage your property and make existing issues ten times worse. We’ve even had a homeowner come to us when he spotted a hole in his roof on Google Earth! By the time he realised, it cost thousands to fix, when it could have been so much cheaper.

Having your roof replaced is not a job for amateurs or DIY enthusiasts. It’s a complex, potentially dangerous procedure that can take weeks, or months, to complete. South Thames Roofing strongly recommends a professional inspection and quote, rather than cutting corners or botching a repair. We’ll give you a price you can afford, and we’ll replace the roof to the highest possible standards of workmanship.