Replacement guttering services in South London

As summer sets in, and the rain (hopefully) eases, we often forget just how bad the winter weather can be. The guttering around your house takes a battering in the colder months; in the summer, you probably don’t give it a second thought.

As the nights get longer, and you start to spend more time outdoors, spare a thought for your guttering. This is the perfect time of year to hire us to give your gutters a quick inspection.

Common Guttering Problems

The issues we see with guttering vary, depending on the age of the house and the attention that’s been paid to maintenance. Newer houses tend to have all plastic gutters and pipes; older ones may be metal. Metal gutters may be susceptible to rust.

Our representative will do a visual check to check that all pipes are properly anchored to the walls. They will then get close up to the guttering to check for these common issues.


Gutter blockages are inevitable, particularly over autumn when leaves are falling. If dealt with quickly, the gutters don’t need anything more than a rinse, and often, a window cleaning company can do this periodically for you.

If gutters aren’t cleaned, the debris can get stuck in the pipes. When the weather’s cold, everything freezes and the gutter expands, causing it to crack. If left for a full winter, you might be unlucky enough to get moss and other organisms growing.

Loose Gutters

If your gutter has come away from the house, it’s a sign that it needs to be reattached professionally. Don’t attempt this as a DIY job, since this kind of damage may be a sign that your gutter is too heavy and needs to be rehung from end to end.

Pooling Water

Guttering that has shifted or sagged, or been incorrectly fitted, may cause water to pool. This is caused by a lack of angle in the gutter, so the water does not flow away as it should. Measuring and correcting the angle is not a major job, but it is a job for the pros.

Overflowing Water

If the overflow in your gutter isn’t caused by moss or debris, or an incorrect slope, it may simply be that your guttering can’t cope with the flow. This may be because you’ve had an extension done and the gutters haven’t been adapted.

Water anywhere around the roofline is a serious problem because water can leak into the attic space, or rot the wooden timbers. This is even more likely if the guttering is skewed or twisted towards the house.

Professional Fixes

Any problem with the roof or roofline should not be attempted by an amateur. If you don’t consult a pro, you may do more harm than good, and you could hurt yourself if you take a fall.

If you’ve gazed up at your gutter and spotted signs of decay, call South Thames today. We’ll visit and inspect before autumn rolls round, ensuring your gutter continues to work correctly come rain or shine.