Always call in the roofing experts

Always call in the roofing experts

Keeping your roof in good condition is a big part of protecting your home. A leaking roof can cause damage to your interior walls and ceilings if left untreated, and this damp can quickly spread throughout your property. Similarly, a botched set of tiles might impact on the energy efficiency of your house, costing you more in energy bills, and could be a hazard if at risk of slipping from your roof. If you’re interested in selling your property in the future, then your roof will need to be fully up to standard, or you may not receive the full amount that your house is worth.

It’s common for homeowners to wait until a roofing issue starts to cause problems – for example, when a hole in the waterproof roof lining causes a drip in the loft – before they call a roofer, as this means that they only have to pay out for repair work when absolutely necessary. But this is false economy: it’s more cost-effective to contact an expert roofer as soon as you notice a fault, as you’ll only have to pay for the initial repair work that needs doing, rather than also having to sort out all the subsequent damage that has been caused.

When’s the best time of the year to get professional roofing help?

If your roofing project isn’t urgent, then you can afford to be more flexible and savvy about calling the experts. If you’re hoping to revamp your roof with new types of tiles, or neaten up your chimney stack, for example, then you may want to consider waiting until the out-of-season winter months. Getting your roof done in the winter means that your project will start quicker, as these are quieter months for many roofing contractors (due to the typically wet and windy weather). Roofing materials are also cheaper, as some suppliers will put their prices up just before the peak summer and autumn months.

It’s better to be safe than sorry

You should call an expert roofer the moment you identify an issue with your roof. What looks like a small problem can soon evolve into something more serious, and though you might think you can solve it with some DIY roofing, you’re likely to end up costing yourself more money than if you enlisted professional help in the first place.

Contacting a professional roofer doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to go ahead with the work. Here at South Thames Roofing, we’re always happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote and advise you on the best course of action. This means that, if our team is confident that your roof is in good condition, you haven’t lost anything by calling us. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as roofing issues can quickly escalate.

If you want to get advice from a professional roofer, contact us at South Thames Roofing today.