Professional roofers protect themselves and your roof in multiple ways when conducting their work, from wearing personal protective equipment to securing the site. You may have also seen the erection of scaffolding around a property, and that’s often due to roof repairs being carried out or a new structure being installed.

Here’s your guide to why roofers use scaffolding.

Working at height

Safe roofing practices are essential to protect both professionals and anyone else on site, including those coming and going from the property. Roofing jobs require working at height, so tasks should only be carried out by a team with the right training and equipment.

Scaffolding is one of the main safety recommendations from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) to help prevent falls and accidents for this type of job.

Practical work platforms

Scaffolding often makes work much easier thanks to its working platforms, allowing roofers to reach different areas they need to get to quickly and easily.

It also gives them a safe route back to the ground to collect other equipment and materials when needed. It means they won’t have to keep accessing the roof from inside the property, which can be extra disruptive for property owners.

Scaffolding can be expertly designed with lots of different components, put together to help make the job of roofers as easy as possible. This includes horizontal decks, ladders, guard rails, access gates and more.

Securing the roof area

Whether repointing ridge tiles or repairing a chimney stack, scaffolding can provide additional support for different roofing structures. This includes smaller scaffolding designed to secure areas being rebuilt.

The main structure helps protect the sides of a property, including windows, bricks and other features which could easily become damaged if debris were to hit them. It may also shield exposed roofs from the elements during a job.

Transporting waste & roofing materials

Like other types of building work, roofing tasks can produce debris and waste that needs safe removal from the area. It’s never safe to throw debris from the top of a building, so scaffolding can facilitate its movement to the right place.

Small parts can be carried while moving up and down the scaffolding, but roofers can also attach chutes to the structure to help with the safe transportation of heavy materials to the ground.

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