With the cost of living crisis and energy bill increases causing UK households to think smarter when it comes to their spending, it’s vital we look at how our property’s structure could be losing us money. Luckily, if you’re considering a new roof, there are lots of ways it can help save energy in the home.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to stop spiralling roofing costs

If you think your roofing costs are spiralling, it’s important to understand why. This often happens when there’s an ageing roof deteriorating fast, especially when it faces the wide range of extreme weather we now experience in the UK. If you’re paying out for repairs, it can often be more cost-effective to invest in a new roof.

Not only can this lower the repair costs you need to budget for each year (while removing the time wasted doing so), but the replacement material you choose can last a lifetime.

Does a new roof save energy?

Energy bills rise when heat is lost through spaces such as draughty doors and old windows, but your roof can also be a hotspot for losses.

When planning a roof replacement, speak to your contractor about the fact you’d like to save as much energy as possible, and they’ll talk you through the different factors involved. This includes adequate roof ventilation, insulation, the solar reflection of roofing materials and any products they supply with energy-saving benefits.

If you’re considering the colour of your new roofing (such as pitched roof tiles), you may also want to think about how the shade you pick can affect energy absorption. Darker roofs will absorb more heat, so you’ll need to select a material with an appropriate level of heat reflection for the climate you live in to stop faster roof ageing.

What happens during the build?

Your contractor will talk you through what to expect during the project, including roof scaffolding requirements and the approximate job length.

If you’ve been working with them to ensure your roof is as energy-efficient as possible, there may be other aspects to discuss, such as upgrading your loft insulation to reduce thermal transfer and heat losses through the new roofing.

They may also install additional air vents to increase circulation, preventing excessive heat from causing complications in the future.

Get more roofing advice

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